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About Me

John and his Grandson Jack

John Holder has lived in the Gunnison Valley with his wife Mary for 40 years, raising three children who are now grown. They both grew up in Texas, moving here to be in the mountains.

They live in Crested Butte with an occasional child and their dog Piper.  

John is a Physician Assistant who loves to explore the local outdoors while hiking, biking, skiing, camping and traveling. He and his wife enjoy traveling while riding their  bikes as a way to see people and places more intimately.

John has developed a passion for photography  as a way to share his view of the Gunnison Valley and the rest of the world with others.  This  allows Mary to keep up with him hiking and biking while he slows down to look around.  Slowing down and looking around is not a bad thing in itself. 

For further information or to learn more about John and his Photography please contact him at:

John Holder 

Box 934

Crested Butte, CO 82114



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